Intensive Values Training

Fostering Meaning and Motivation with ACT and RFT principles


–> Why is values work so important to your clinical practice?

All clients come to therapy because they want something to change. Often, however, they are so focused on eliminating painful feelings, thoughts, or sensations, that they don’t know what they want their lives to be about beyond not having these experiences. In some cases, clients are too focused on specific outcomes or social approval to find a sense of purpose and freedom. Sometimes, clients have even lost all sense of purpose, and as a result, they can’t find meaningful satisfaction anymore. There are many methods that help clients manage painful feelings and engage in effective actions, but without a meaningful life direction, these strategies can lack vitality, and behavioral changes don’t sustain. For this reason, helping clients foster a deeper sense of meaning in their lives is key to the therapeutic process, which can be done through values work.

–> What will you learn in this intensive values training?

This training will be facilitated by Matthieu Villatte, PhD, using principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT). You will learn to help client explore, clarify, and build their own values, and identify actions directed toward these values. You will learn techniques step-by-step through short practical didactics, video demonstrations of in-session interactions (including formal exercises and natural conversations), and practical exercises including both clinical skills and reflection on your personal values.

In practice, you will learn to:

  • Help your clients clarify and build values
  • Help your clients identify broad patterns of valued actions
  • Increase your clients’ motivation to engage in valued actions
  • Increase your clients’ satisfaction as they engage in valued actions and reflect on what they accomplished.
  • Apply these techniques through formal exercises and through natural conversations.

–> How will this online training work?

The training will be delivered through 5 online sessions of 2 hours using Zoom.us. This platform allows participants to see each other and the slides, and to practice role-plays in breakout sessions.

Dates of the sessions:

All sessions will start at 2pm and end at 4pm (Pacific USA Time) on

Tuesday 02/7, Tuesday 02/14, Tuesday 02/21, Tuesday 02/28, Monday 03/6

–> Trainer

Matthieu Villatte, PhD is an ACT Trainer peer-reviewed by the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS). He has facilitated over 100 online and on site ACT-RFT workshops in North and South America, in Australia and New-Zealand, and in Europe.

Matthieu is the author with J. Villatte and S.C. Hayes of Mastering the Clinical Conversation: Language as Intervention, which focuses on the applications of RFT for clinical practice. He is also the author of the first manual published in French on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and of a number of chapters in books on contextual behavioral science, such as The Self and Perspective Taking, Mindfulness and Acceptance for Counseling College Students, The Big Book of ACT Metaphors, Handbook of Mindfulness: Theory and Research, Working with Emotions in CBT, The Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science.

–> Fees and Registration

US$350; contact matthieu.villatte@gmail.com

The training is limited to 20 participants.